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Grace Academy students in grades K4 through five experience the excitement and joy of learning in a loving and nurturing environment. We strive to grow our students by building a strong Biblical and academic foundation. We encourage the dreams, talent, and imagination of each individual child to glorify God.

Our elementary program includes K4 (age 4) through grade 5.

K4 is a flexible preschool program to help jump start your child’s social, academic, spiritual and emotional development. Our caring teachers encourage students to grow at their own pace with hands-on activities that will build foundational skills for a love of learning. We offer three and five-day, full-day programs.

Grades K5 – 2 are an important time to build a solid spiritual and academic foundation. We focus on:

  • Foundational skills of reading, writing, and math
  • Implementing hands-on strategies and technology to build on phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, writing stages, number sense and problem solving
  • Integration of Biblical principals in all subjects, along with a daily Bible class
  • Memorization of Bible passages and weekly chapel programs
  • Encouraging students to apply Biblical principles in their daily lives

Grades 3-5 are a time of great growth in knowledge, learning skills and independence in studies. During these years, we focus on:

  • Specific content areas such as social studies and science
  • Introducing students to research skills
  • Progressing students from learning to read to reading to learn
  • Developing a healthy independence, especially as they become increasingly accountable for their study and organizational habits
  • Biblical integration occurs in all subjects along with a daily Bible class
  • Attending relevant chapels and small group studies weekly
  • Encouraging students to apply Biblical principles in relationships with others and leadership roles
  • Setting appropriate expectations in classrooms that use teaching methods suited for varied learning styles

Specials and Other Clubs

We offer the following Specials on a rotation basis:

  • Art
  • Computer
  • Gym
  • Music
  • Library (media)
  • Spanish
  • Enrichment/Remediation Services

During the school year, we also offer the following clubs for our elementary students:

Mathletics is an online program used to enhance students’ mathematical skills. It offers lessons, practice problems, speed challenges, and tests that engage the learner in a different format than in the general classroom. Mathletics is used to aid instruction, assigned as homework and used after school on a remedial basis.

Math 24 Club for 3-5 graders challenges students to use their math facts to solve a problem. All mathematical expressions must equal 24 using each of the four numbers on the card only one time. It challenges the students to think quickly and critically.

Lexia Reading helps to intensify and accelerate learning for all students. It is an online, student-paced program focusing on the five essential reading skills: phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

For more information about any aspect of our elementary program, please contact Wanda Clark, lead teacher (elementary) at