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Library/Media Center

BookFair at Grace Academy in Hagerstown Md

The Library/Media Center at Grace Academy encourages all students in their love of reading. The Library/Media Center also provides resources for students and teachers.

Summer Olympic Reading Celebration!

We had 62 participants in the Grace Academy Summer Reading Program for 2016. Our theme this year was "Get Ready, Set, Read!" Out of the 62 Olympic Readers, an impressive 92,012 pages were read this summer! Students had to read 300 pages or more to earn a gold medal. Gold medal status required the student to read at least 300 pages this summer, and most exceeded 300 pages! Students will receive an award and medal at our celebration on Sept. 9, 2016.

Our Medalists:

K4 - 1 gold medalist
K5 - 6 gold medalists
1st Grade- 12 Gold and 1 Silver
2nd Grade - 16 Gold
3rd Grade - 12 Gold and 1 Silver
4th Grade - 6 Gold and 1 Silver
5th Grade - 5 Gold
6th Grade - 1 Gold

A big congratulations to Micah Wingert, our top summer olympic reader, who read 11,573 pages!

Scholastic Book Fair

Our annual book fair will be October 17-21. The book fair encourages readers of all ages to find new stories to enjoy while also supporting the Library/Media Center. All proceeds from the Scholastic Book Fair week benefit improvements to the library and updating resources.

Please contact for more information.