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“Egg”cellent Classroom Lessons

“Egg”cellent Classroom Lessons

Grace Academy second grade teacher, Veen, offers hands-on STEM experience to students

Mrs. Veen’s second grade class at Grace Academy received a special delivery at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 19 of chicken eggs intended for hatching. The eggs, and eventually the baby chicks, will provide a hands-on experience for students as they learn about life cycles, development and heredity in their science lessons.

Students will monitor the eggs during incubation, the incubator temperature and care for the chicks once they hatch. During incubation, students will also “candle” the eggs— use a light to see through the egg shells— to observe their development. After the 21-day incubation phase, students will witness the eggs hatching into chicks. Once the students have had about one week to observe and care for the chicks, the chicks will then be transferred to a farm to produce eggs.

Jessica Veen, a second grade teacher at Grace Academy, said, “this activity will give students a hands-on science learning experience. Why not offer it to our students?!”

Director of Professional Development Christina Hammer-Atkins said, “The chick-hatching project will allow students to witness the miracle of life and to understand the importance of caring for life. We believe that this project will allow students to grow their understanding of science and to witness God’s creation up close.”

Grace Academy celebrates its 40th anniversary this academic year and has been committed to quality Christian education since its inception. Located on a 33-acre campus just one mile from I-81 and one hour from Washington, D.C., Grace Academy is a non-denominational, independent school that serves students in the tri-state area age three through grade 12. The school has 11 athletic teams and has won a combined 23 MDCC Championship titles. Grace Academy is accredited by the State of Maryland and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).


Kimber Morgan