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Brian Kelley | Nicaragua 2017

Mission trip leader Brian Kelley share some of his reflections on the Nicaragua trip: 

The Senior Class Mission's Trip truly was a great experience.  The students worked well together and even stated at the end of the trip this experience brought them closer together.  The students jumped right in to assist with all projects and to experience a new culture.  They tried new foods, met new people but most importantly were the hands and feet of Jesus.  The group had the opportunity to go to a remote mountain village, Machapa.  Each student was given a bag of basic foods and necessities.  The group preceded to go door to door and hand out the items, talk and pray with the families.  It was an eye opening experience to walk into the homes and see how little each family had yet the contentment they had for just life.  It was a great reminder of Jesus words in Matthew 25.  I look forward to future missions opportunities for our student body and how they will serve others.