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Ruthie Buser | Nicaragua 2017

Our seniors enjoyed a great experience in Nicaragua March 2 - 9. Thank you to each peson who supported our students and helped make their mission experience possible. One of our seniors who participated in the mission trip, Ruthie Buser, shares some of her photos and experiences: 


This is one my favorite pictures from the trip. It was taken on Sunday afternoon when we went to a church in a mountain village to spend time with the kids and feed them a big lunch, which would most likely be their best meal for that week. This little boy with down syndrome was so cute, and I think he enjoyed taking pictures with us. 

This was also on Sunday at the church. We first went around the village in two groups handing out bags with packaged food supplies and praying with the people we met. Then we came back to the church to perform a short skit, interact with the children, and fed them a meal. 

This was taken on Tuesday at a Bible institute where we did construction work for most of the day. We had just finished moving a huge pile of concrete blocks and felt the need to celebrate.

This was taken on our last day, Wednesday, when we went to a Christian school. The girls helped teach English in the classes and the boys worked on painting furniture.