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2017 Fine Arts Results (School-wide)



The Fine Arts Competition at Grace Academy took place February 21-24 with 129 individual student entries. Students in grades one through 12 were invited to participate and submit work or performances in music, declamation and fine art. Judges scored the students in each category based upon elements like presentation, preparation,

Students who received the highest score from each section-- primary (grades 2-3), intermediate (grades 4-5), middle school (grades 6-8), and high school (grades 9-12)-- per category will move on to the Fine Arts Regional Competition held on Tuesday, April 28 at Maugansville Bible Brethren Church.

Listed below are the student participants from each grade per category. Student names marked with an asterisk (*) indicate advancement to the regional competition. Congratulations on a job well done to all of our Fine Arts Competition participants! 



Xavier Williams, Grade 1, no music title

Reagan Barnes, Grade 1, “Mouses or Meese” by Nancy Faber

Daisha Koduah, Grade 1, “Yankee Doodle”

Sarah Reazin, Grade 2, “The B-I-B-L-E”

*Addison Nickels, Grade 2, “Rollin’ Along” by Barbara Dodson

Anjali Vemuri, Grade 2, “Jesus Loves Me”

*Erica Long, Grade 3, “Water Slide” by Robert D. Vandall

Abby Walker, Grade 3, “Ferris Wheel”

*Judson Tso, Grade 3, “Cartoon Stories”

*Micah Wingert, Grade 3, “Happy Red” by Nancy and Randall Faber

*Isabel Lear, Grade 4, “Roller Skate Ride”

*Jillian Hartman, Grade 4, “I Love My Ranch” by Wendy Stevens

Lucas Storch, Grade 4, “Happy Hour” by Geiza Dourado

*Jillian Harper, Grade 5, “Sidewalk Games” by Robert D. Vandall

*Noelle Cunningham, Grade 6, “Cascades”

*Andrew Russell, Grade 7, “Fur Elise”

*Jenna Wingert, Grade 7, “Winter Night”

*Grace Cunningham, Grade 9, “Scherzo” by Robert D. Vandall

*Leithan Bedregal, Grade 11, “Across the Stars” by John Williams

*Logan Hykes, Grade 12, “River Flows in You” by Yiruma



*Avani Vemuri, Grade 2, no music title

*Randall Howett, Jr., Grade 3, “Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V”

*Anna Wildeson, Grade 3, no music title



*LilLee Everett, Grade 3, “Trust in You”

*Jillian Hartman, Grade 4, “Amazing Grace”

*Teyla Ljubic, Grade 5, “Come Alive”

Eden Obidi, Grade 5, “Shadows”

*Nathaniel Ferguson, Grade 5, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

*Hannah Casto, Grade 6, “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly”

*Bailey Hall, Grade 6, “God Help the Outcasts”

*Zoie Martz, Grade 8, “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”

*Lauralyn Brown, Grade 12, “Part the Waters”


*Keira Dawley, Grade 5, “Harry Potter Medley”




Ethan Rhoderick, Grade 1

Ryder Witherington, Grade 1

Joy Newberger, Grade 1

Demetrio Juarez, Grade 1

*Avani Vemuri, Grade 2

*Jax Sobol, Grade 2

Nicholas Hibbert, Grade 2

*Emmalyn Nunes, Grade 3

Violet Schofield, Grade 3

Audrey Hardcastle, Grade 3

*Jillian Hartman, Grade 4

*Elise Barnhart, Grade 4

*Madison Weirich, Grade 4

Lucas Storch, Grade 4

*Teyla Ljubic, Grade 5

Abbey Kurtz, Grade 5

Willow Shusko, Grade 5

Alexis Myers, Grade 5

Preston Leumegni, Grade 5



Nora Nickels, Grade 1

Maddie Willis, Grade 1

Reagan Barnes, Grade 1

Jake Ingram, Grade 1

*Anjali Vemuri, Grade 2

*Addison Nickels, Grade 2

Alexis Hoffman, Grade 2

*Erica Long, Grade 3

Abby Walker, Grade 3

LilLee Everett, Grade 3

*Cole Robins, Grade 4

*Harry Imarhiagbe, Grade 4

Isabel Lear, Grade 4

*Emma Smith, Grade 5

Erin Rudolph, Grade 5

Aiden Nigh, Grade 5


Historic Speeches

*Ahalya Vemuri, Grade 3

*Will McKinley, Grade 3

*RJ Howett, Grade 3

*Major Warren, Grade 4

*Arden Youngbar, Grade 4

*Skylar Plante, Grade 4

Jordan Makenna, Grade 4

Nathaniel Ferguson, Grade 5



Oil/Acrylic Painting

Maddie Willis, Grade 1, “Swirlys”

*LilLee Everett, Grade 3, “Vintage Greeting Card”

*Audrey Hardcastle, Grade 3, “Away in a Manger”

*Aleisha Ray Terry, Grade 3, “Blue Skies”

RJ Howett, Grade 3, “Hedwig”

Brooke Moser, Grade 3, “Make a Wish:

*Skylar Plante, Grade 4, “Mountain Lake”

*Skylar Plante, Grade 4, “Twisty Turny”

*Jillian Harper, Grade 5, “Wild Garden”

Lauren Conrad, Grade 5, “A Snowy Evening”

Lexi Myers, Grade 5, “Dreamcatcher”

*Noelle Cunningham, Grade 6, “Whalien52”

*Rachel Lee, Grade 8, “Savannah Sunset”



*Hannah Parmenter, Grade 9, “Dancing in the Rain”

*Hannah Parmenter, Grade 9, “Windy Day”


Polychromatic Drawing

Ben Moser, Grade 1, “The Dinosaur Jungle”

*Abby Walker, Grade 3, “Batman”

*Landon Downie, Grade 3, “Soccer Player”

*Landown Downie, Grade 3, “Cat”

Landon Downie, Grade 3, “Radiating Hearts”

*Grace Hollingsworth, Grade 4, “Stitch and Me”

*Madison Werich, Grade 4, “An Owl on the Hunt”

*Eden Obidi, Grade 5, “Butterfly Blue”

*Chloe Shain, Grade 9, “In Spirit”


Monochromatic Drawing

Philip Fleming, Grade 1, “The Dragon”

*Allie Babb, Grade 3, “Gray White Drawing”

*Judayh Tso, Grade 3, “Black and White London”

*Anna Wildeson, Grade 3, “Baptist Church of Arkansas”

*Teyla Ljubic, Grade 5, “The Willow Tree”

*Teyla Ljubic, Grade 5, “Curve”

*Nathaniel Ferguson, Grade 5, “Accidental Tree”

*Josslyn Rivera, Grade 7, “Samantha”

*Jenna Wingert, Grade 9, “Zentangle Map”

*Alexis Parrotte, Grade 9, “Bear Good Fruit”

Daniella Obidi, Grade 9, “Rememberence”

Chloe Shain, Grade 9, “YooJung”

*Sarah Patalinghug, Grade 11, “Travel”



*Emily Kohler, Grade 6, “Cute Kitty”

*Emily Kohler, Grade 6, “Falling Waters”

Raj Saxena, Grade 6, “Frozen Thorn”

*Morgan Faith, Grade 8, “Summertime Flower”



*Anjali Vemuri, Grade 2, “The Bright Pinwheel Flower”

*Violet Schofield, Grade 3, “Rubberband Nativity”

*Abby Walker, Grade 3, “Button Bowl”



No entrants



No entrants



*Ardenn Youngbar, Grade 4, “Music Note Zippered Bag”

*Ardenn Youngbar, Grade 4, “Susan Chronicles of Narnia Cape”

*Ardenn Youngbar, Grade 4, “Tie Dye Drawstring Backpack”

Jillian Harper, Grade 5, “Pillow Case”

Olivia Henry, Grade 5, “Baby Tagy Blanket”


Mixed Media

Norah Nickels, Grade 1, “Seasons”

*Addison Nickels, Grade 2, no title

*Ahalya Vemuri, Grade 3, “Owl Be Yours”

*Emmalyn Nunes, Grade 3, “Button Tree

*Gracie Johnson, Grade 6, “Cherry Blossoms”

*Morgan Faith, Grade 8, “Flowers in the Mountain”

*Grace Cunningham, Grade 9, “Christmas in an Evergreen Forest”



Maddie Willis, Grade 1, “Clay Baby Critters”

Ben Reazin, Grade 1, “Crook the Croc”

*Avani Vemuri, Grade 2, “The Pink Roses”

*Carter Sobol, Grade 2, “A Day in the Zoo”

Jack Ljubic, Grade 2, “The End of the First Order”

Aaron Conrad, Grade 2, “Leprechaun”

*Eli Fields, Grade 3, “Minecraft Mania”