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Open Enrollment begins March 1st

Families not at Grace Academy presently can begin enrolling March 1st.  Plan to come to our Open House on March 12th from 9:00a.m. - 3:00 p.m. or call for an appointment today if you need to know more. Classrooms sizes will fill in some grade levels so enroll today!  Contact our office for more information. 301-733-2033

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Re-enrollment for Grace Academy Students is happening now!

Re-enrollment for Grace Academy Students has begun! March 1st this will be open to the public! Secure your spot immediately!

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Administrative Visions for School Year 2013-2014

Dear Parents: It is just barely the start of the second semester, and we are well into planning for next year. It already looks exciting. We are taking the initiative to share with you our plans in regards to building leadership, as there will be some changes.

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Smartboards and Technology Used Throughout the Curriculum

Smartboards and technology are used throughout the curriculum to allow students to learn in an interactive environment. In this photo, Mrs. Carver uses the smartboard to instruct students about algebra using Hands-on Equations.

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Seeking International Host Families

Interested in becoming an international host family? We are waiting for your call!

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1st Annual Grace Banquet & Auction - February 15

Please save the date for our first annual Grace Academy banquet with an auction. February 15, 2013 - the day after Valentine's Day! We will be having a fun evening at Cortland Mansion. Tickets will be sold in the office for $20 a person or $45 for a date night package.

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Two Talented Grace Academy Students

Check out this amazing video!  What amazing students!

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Update on Safety at Grace Academy

Having just attended a finance committee meeting in preparation for this week’s Board meeting, a spending plan for the 2013-2014 school years was discussed. From your home finances, you know there is never enough money for everything and serious prioritization is a necessity. Budgeting comes down to a simple decision, what gets kept and what does not.

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What Makes Grace Academy Different?

We are often asked, "What makes Grace Academy different?”  It is one of the easiest questions to answer but the most challenging to explain to anyone that has not experienced the difference. The answer: If we were prideful, we have much that we could hang our hat.

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Grace Senior Headed for Messiah College

Congratulations to Grace Academy senior Keshia Harney, who was just accepted at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

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