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Fab Friday

Fridays are always exciting, and at Grace Academy, we have even more excitement by starting off our day with Fab Friday.  Fabulous Friday is an opportunity for students and parents to enjoy an all you can eat pancake breakfast for $1.50.  Breakfast includes, of course, pancakes and milk, juice or coffee.  Breakfast begins at 7:30 and ends at 8:10. Thanks to our great volunteers!!

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Worship Band

The Grace Academy High School worship band meets three times a week (before and after school) to practice for the high school chapels each Friday morning.  This year, they are under the direction of our new music teacher, Alicia Stough.  Grace Academy is grateful for the dedication of our students and staff involved in this ministry.

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See You at the Pole

Students in grades 6-12 met to worship and pray at "See you at the Pole" Wednesday, the 26th.  It was an awesome experience.

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2012-2013 Forms

Forms are located in the Admissions section.  Hover over Admissions and then click on Forms.  For your convenience, the Calendar and School Supply List for 2012-2013 links are provided here.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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Teacher Team Building Activity 8.17

View photos of our teacher team building activity.

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Exchange Students Arrival 8.19

View photos of the arrival of our Korean exchange students.

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Host Families Needed

Please click here to read the memo from Mr. Kelley.

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